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About Us

The Lady Comfort chain is a leader in comfortable women’s footwear with 50 years experience in the manufacturing and marketing of comfortable footwear.

Lady Comfort has about 100 stores spread throughout the country, from the far north right down to the southern tip and with headquarters located in Central Tel Aviv. 

Lady Comfort shoes offer both comfort and style and answer the needs of every foot.
Catering to a wide demographic, and using unique technologies, Lady Comfort manufactures a variety of shoes influenced, among other things by the large variety of comfort shoes with heels and in different styles and colours that are available on the market.

Lady Comfort creates shoes with special anatomical insoles which are characterized by their elasticity, softness and shock absorption properties thus eliminating fatigue and pain and giving women the support they need throughout their busy days.

Lady Comfort has a wide following and clientele who enjoys their footwear year after year.

In the new collection you will find a variety of shoes that offer comfort and style, because you should always put your best foot forward.

Why Wear Lady Comfort?

1. 50 years of experience manufacturing comfortable footwear
2. Wide variety of comfortable patterns for a wide variety of feet
3. All our products are made of high quality leather
4. The padding in our shoes is made from quality, breathable materials that hug and support your foot
5. A variety of modern, fashionable styles
6. Our shoes are produced with close attention to small details and under high quality controls
7. Six-month warranty (subject to regulations)
8. We are recommended by Orthopedic Doctors



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